Mount Spokane
Photo of Mount Spokane by bakerman78 used under a Creative Commons license.

Sherman Alexie, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1993).
Twenty-two short stories set on and around the Spokane Reservation in eastern Washington state, a hardscrabble place. Many characters and events recur, including Victor, who is sometimes younger and sometimes older. Familiar images of Indians are here — powwows and alcohol abuse — but so is the less familiar — basketball, for example. Alexie’s work may be known to more from his screenplay for the movie “Smoke Signals,” which evolved out of one of the stories here. The 2005 edition from Grove Press has two stories not included in earlier editions.

Alexie’s site has this biography. Lynn Cline profiled him in Ploughshares. Dan Webster wrote this about him in the Spokesman Review, Spokane’s major newspaper. The Guardian profiled him a few days ago.
Stephane Chabrieres has posted what seems to be an excerpt. Here are reviews from Kirkus Reviews and Booklist. Here are reviews from Steve Brock, Martin Kich, Charles, Brian, Bryan R. Terry, sbarranca, Orrin, Miss Print, Gil T. Wilson, Randy M., mai wen, and Trent Hergenrader. Jessica Chapel interviewed Alexie for Atlantic Unbound in 2000. Here’s a PowerPoint presentation on Alexie’s use of names in the novel.

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