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Photo of Jorwert by wisze used under a Creative Commons license.

Geert Mak, Jorwerd: The Death of the Village in Late Twentieth-Century Europe (Harvill Press, 2001).
Never even 700 people, the Frisian village of Jorwert (Jorwerd in Dutch) had shrunk to less than half that figure by the end of the century, a decline mirrored in small agricultural villages across Europe.  Industrial and more efficient farming have taken the jobs of laborers and milkmaids; sons and daughters move to cities, and those they leave behind grow older.  Mak, a Dutch journalist whose other work I have have really liked, moved to Jorwerd to chronicle these changes and capture what he could of a passing way of life.

Google Books give you this. Wikipedia’s entry on Mak is here, and its entry on Jorwert is here.  The NLPVF calls it a poignant monument. Charles Shere says it belongs on a special shelf in his mental bookcase. John de Falbe says this remarkable book does not pretend to have answers, but it presents questions in their true complexity. Here are some pictures on Flickr, Wiki Commons and Google Image Search.

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