Photo of Seville by sjaces used under a Creative Commons license.

Robert Wilson, The Blind Man of Seville (Harvest, 2004).
At 8:15 in the Thursday morning of Semana Santa, Holy Week, Inspector Javier Falcón is called to investigate a heinous murder in Seville. A lead prompts him to read his father’s journals, which he comes to realize bear on the case. The investigation takes him deeper into his family’s secrets and closer to the killer. As mysteries go, this is more literary than most. Wilson has written more mysteries featuring Falcón (though I haven’t read them yet).

Here are reviews from Ava Dianne Day (BookReporter), Mark Thomas (The Age), J. Kingston Pierce (January Magazine) (scroll down), Bob Hoover (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), Jana L. Perskie (Mostly Fiction), Eurico Matos, Erica Hanson, and Martin Radcliffe. This reviewer did not like it at all. Photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward appreciates Wilson’s Seville. Georgina Burns interviewed Wilson about the book. Luan Gaines interviewed him too. And here is another interview. Also, here are pictures from a reception for the book’s publication.

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