Photo by mharrsch used under a Creative Commons license.

William Kittredge, Hole in the Sky (Knopf, 1992).
Kittredge grew up on his family’s place, the MC Ranch in the Warner Valley in southeastern Oregon, in the northwest corner of the Great Basin. In a dry state, his grandfather built a holding of thousands of acres of well watered pasture and farmland. Two generations later, the paradise was lost, the result of environmental degradation and poor management. The ranch was sold before he was 40. Kittredge too declined, into alcoholism and infidelity. In this memoir, written years later, he takes stock of what he lost.

NPR has an excerpt. Lee Juilerat interviewed Kittredge in 1998 for Range Magazine. The book was on Portland Monthly‘s list of the 20 Greatest Oregon Books Ever. In 1986, Kittredge gave the Keynote Address at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

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