The storfjord
Photo of the Storfjord and the Lyngen Alps by Peter Nijenhuis used under a Creative Commons license.

David Howarth, We Die Alone (The Lyons Press, 2007).
In March of 1943, Jan Baalsrud and other Norwegian commandos fighting with the Allies smuggled themselves back into an island off northern Norway by fishing boat, the first step in a plan to raid a German airfield. But soon after they reached the Toftefjord, sixty kilometers north of Tromso, an ambush left his compatriots dead or captured and Baalsrud injured and on the run, only hundreds of yards ahead of German soldiers. Somehow he escaped to the mainland, and then into the Lyngen Alps. We Die Alone is a survival story, the story of Baalsrud’s epic flight and endurance, and also the story of the Norwegians who helped him escape. It is hard not to read this book in one sitting.

Robert C. Allen reviews it in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. Mike Wright retraced Baalsrud’s path. Euan Cameron calls Baalsrud Norway’s greatest war hero. This page talks about the Shetland Buses, the fishing boats used to infiltrate into northern Norway. And the reindeer pendant here was inspired by the book.

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