Peekskill in October
Photo by Hourman used under a Creative Commons license.

T. Coraghessan Boyle, World’s End (Penguin Books, 1988).
Hard off smashing up his motorcycle, and himself in the process, Walter Van Brunt sets off on a historical investigation of generations of his ancestors in the Hudson River Valley, both his lower class namesakes and the blue-blood Van Warts, all the way back to the Dutch settlers and Mohonk Indians of the 1600s. Boyle’s third novel is dark, comic, sprawling epic which won the PEN/Faulkner Award in 1988. Set in fictional Peterskill-on-the-Hudson, which may resemble Peekskill, from which Boyle hails.

Here is Boyle’s web site. Here is the page about him on Wikipedia. Gregory Daurer profiled him in 2000 for Salon. Don Swaim’s interviews with him include one from 1987, when the novel was first published. collects three recent interviews, among other things. Kevin Bigger talked to him even more recently still. Benjamin Demott reviewed World’s End in The New York Times. Torg says it’s is knocking the tar out of him. Kristin Dodge wasn’t disappointed.

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