Bitterroot Mountains on the Montana/Idaho border in the distance
Photo of the Bitterroot Mountains by bitterroot used under a Creative Commons license.

Rick Bass and Elizabeth Hughes, Winter: Notes from Montana (Mariner, 1992).
Rick Bass is a naturalist and a fiction writer; his wife, Elizabeth Hughes, is an illustrator. They moved to the Yaak Valley in Montana, a “wild, magical valley” with only thirty-odd year-round inhabitants, not far from Canada and Idaho and not close to anything much. This is a sort of journal of their first winter in “the last and largest spot of unroaded green on our highway map,” without electricity, phones, or paved roads.

Ursula Hegi reviewed Winter in The New York Times. Google Book Search has excerpts, among other things. You can listen to an interview Bass gave to Don Swaim in 1991 “about lifestyle and writing.” A 1993 interview with Bass and Scott Slovic is here. Bass’s 1994 short story, “The Earth Divers,” is here.

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