Fort Peck Dam wetlands
Photo of Fort Peck Dam wetlands by RoguePoet used under a Creative Commons license.

M.R. Montgomery, Saying Goodbye (Alfred A. Knopf, 1989).
The subtitle of this book, “A Memoir for Two Fathers,” refers to Montgomery’s father and father-in-law; whose lives he reconstructs as best as he can. His father was a civil engineer who helped build the Fort Peck Dam in Montana in the 1930s and military bases in Scotland and the Philippines in the 1940s. His father-in-law, a Japanese-American who was not interned during World War II because he taught Japanese for the Navy. Buyer beware: Montgomery, who grew up in Chinook, in eastern Montana, and became a reporter for the Boston Globe, finds all sorts of topics interesting, and most of the book is about things other than the Fort Peck Dam.

There are used copies for sale on the web, but I don’t see anyone writing about it, which is too bad. This book deserves readers.

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