Good bye Lenin!
Photo of the Berlin Wall by Gianni D. used under a Creative Commons license.

Timothy Garton Ash, The Magic Lantern (Vintage, 1999).
Accounts of the revolutionary events of 1989 from one who was there. Garton Ash, an English historian, lived and reported from Central Europe during the 1980s, and established relationships with activists in the nascent democracy movements behind the Iron Curtain. As events unfolded in 1989, he often was there. Written by neither a dispassionate witness nor a full participant, this is a collection of dispatches, not a comprehensive history. An afterword adds some hindsight.

Some excerpts are here, albeit in a .pdf file with some formatting issues. The author’s web site has this biography, among other things. Jan T. Gross reviewed it in The New York Times. Brian R. Hecht reviewed it in The Harvard Crimson. Lucy Despard wrote a brief review in Foreign Affairs. Here are posts from Misha Griffith and Meg. Here is a 1996 interview with Garton Ash. In this article, he revisited the revolutions of 1989 ten years later. And in this piece he looked back at his encounters with Vaclav Havel.

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