Photo by drewesque used under a Creative Commons license.

Stewart O’Nan, Last Night at the Lobster (Viking, 2007).
Last Night at the Lobster is a short little novel – one could even call it a novella, if American authors wrote those – about a Red Lobster restaurant in New Britain, Connecticut, on the last day before it will close down. The story is told with sympathy for the view of Manny DeLeon, the manager of a restaurant hard by a mall, near the interstate.

Motoko Rich profiled O’Nan in The New York Times upon the release of the book. The publisher posted this reading guide. Maureen Corrigan reviewed the book for NPR’s Fresh Air. Speaking of radio, O’Nan appeared on the Bat Segundo Show #161. O’Nan’s website links to many other reviews, as does And ohdave liked it a lot.

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