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Photo by dsearls used under a Creative Commons license.

Laura Hendrie, Stygo (Scribner, 1995).
Nine interconnected stories sent in a (fictional) town in Bent County, in southeast Colorado.  This is the Colorado of the Great Plains,a small town surrounded by fields of sugar beets and corn. Everyone dreams of leaving, but few break away.

Google BookSearch gives you a preview — you can read the first two stories, “Stygo At Night” and “Armadillo.” This librarian (Judy?) in Salida, Colorado, was thoroughly impressed. Jessica Dineen (Ploughshares) says Hendrie describes a bleak town and its inhabitants with astoundingly beautiful clarity. The Colonel stakes his reputation as a reader on it. In the Boston Review, Hendrie reviewed fiction by Kent Haruf, also set in eastern Colorado. This fellow chauffeured Hendrie around Tucson.

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