Black and white.
Photo of Largo de Senado by Erman Akdogan used under a Creative Commons license.

Jonathan Porter, Macau: The Imaginary City (Westview Press, 2000).
A quirky portrait of Macau, a former Portuguese colony that reverted to Chinese rule in 1999. Porter is a historian, and much of the book takes a historical perspective, but he has been there as well and writes with some familiarity of modern Macau. The organization can get in the way, but there aren’t many books in English on the place. The paperback edition contains an epilogue written shortly before the Chinese takeover. Macau continues to reinvent itself: Since Porter wrote this, Macau has surpassed Las Vegas (by some measures) as the world’s gaming hub, and “reclamation” expands the contours of the islands.

Google BookSearch lets you check out a preview. Here is Porter’s bio at the University of New Mexico. If you have JSTOR access (I don’t), here is a review by Linda Cooke Johnson in The American Historical Review. James Hayes provides this reading guide to Macau.

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