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Michael Lewis, The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story (W.W. Norton, 1999).
Largely a profile of Jim Clark, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded Silicon Graphics and Netscape. When Lewis was writing this book, Clark was busy starting up Healtheon and building a massive sailboat. In the late 1990s, Silicon Valley was developing its own crazy business climate and peculiar climate, what Lewis describes as “the same center-of-the-universe feel to it as Wall Street had in the mid-1980s,” and Lewis uses Clark to get at that feel.

Google Book Search has an excerpt and more. Here is the first chapter. Here is Lewis’s Wikipedia bio. This article, “The Search Engine,” was adapted for The New York Times from the book. Here are reviews from Jennifer Schuessler (Publishers Weekly), Richard Seltzer, Kurt Andersen (The New York Times), Michiko Kakutani (The New York Times), Mark Gimein (Salon), Elise Ackerman (The Washington Monthly), Dr. N. Vania, Saurabh Garg, Jennifer Rivers, and Brian Lash. Joe Nocera and Jean Strouse discussed the book in Slate’s The Book Club. Jack Beatty feels sorry for Clark. And this article by Alex Salkever in Salon picks up on Lewis’s shifting take on journalism schools.

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