Sunset Boulevard
Photo of Sunset Boulevard by Ilpo Sojourn used under a Creative Commons license.

Stanley Crawford, Gascoyne (Overlook, 2005).
A black comedy of Los Angeles in the early 1960s. Gascoyne is a private investigator who also seems to own half the town and to run local politicians, all of which he does from his car as he outsmarts traffic and red lights and talks on his phone. Things start with a murder, away from which Gascoyne espies the chief of police and a man in a sloth costume – among others – sneaking. Things spiral from there. Just as Gascoyne never lets traffic signals stop him, Crawford never loses momentum.

Michael Ventura welcomed Gascoyne’s republication in 2005. This review appeared in The Augusta Chronicle. JK liked it, and Buckie too. And Andy Jaysnovitch, though it’s not clear he read it.

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