Eyebrow stall, Cotonou market
Photo from a Cotonou market by Moi of Ra used under a Creative Commons license.

Robert Wilson, Instruments of Darkness (Harvest, 2002).
Noir in Africa. Bruce Medway is a British expat in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa. He finds work as fixer, a private detective. The book opens with Medway at Cotonou Port, waiting to collect from one Madame Severnou for 7000 tons of Thai rice on a rusting Japanese cargo ship. Medway is then asked to search for another expat, and things develop from there. Wilson was a trader in West Africa before becoming a full-time writer, so this is his turf.

Wilson’s first novel didn’t leave a large web footprint, but Eugene Aubrey Stratton reviewed it.

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