Camel in the Simpson Desert
Photo by Markus Staas used under a Creative Commons license.

Robyn Davidson, Tracks (Vintage, 1995).
In 1977, after two years of training camels, Davidson set out to walk from the vicinity of Alice Springs, in heart of Australia, across the outback 1,700 miles to the Indian Ocean, which she found south of Carnarvon, W.A. She did this alone, but for her dog Diggity and four camels, and this is her story. The desert’s solitude appealed to Davidson, and to others as well — when she accepted financial support from National Geographic, she shared her trek with others. Lucky for us: the popularity of the magazine’s coverage prompted her to write this book.

Here are some passages. Sarah Ferrell (The New York Times) says the book is much more than the usual descriptions of obstacles met and surmounted. Tim Forcer liked the book but was disappointed by its relative lack of naturism. Susan Wyndham wondered if Davidson was mad. karen said it was just OK. Bobby Matherne reviewed it. This reading group guide is probably of more use to those who have read the book. You can listen to this 2006 interview with Davidson. This page explains how to listen to another interview with Davidson hosted by the National Museum of Australia.

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