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Photo by -Proserpina used under a Creative Commons license.

Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia (Penguin, 1988).
A classic of travel writing, a mix of what Chatwin saw in Patagonia and the fruits of his research about the area. Well worth reading in any event, but certainly for anyone heading to that part of the world. Chatwin ought not be mistaken for a historian or a travel guide, as he is fond of tall tales and anecdotes, but all that is part of the charm.  (Notwithstanding, I’ve tagged it as non-fiction.)

Here is a preview at Google BookSearch. Chatwin’s entry on Wikipedia is reasonably detailed. The New York Times ran this obituary for him. Here is a site devoted to Chatwin. The BBC offers this introduction to his life and works. Scott Esposito says Chatwin’s Patagonia has a cultural history consistingly largely of madmen, dreamers, and everyday eccentrics. Ted Mahsun says Chatwin tells a great story. Mike Gerrard read the manuscript. Edward Pickering recommends it. Perrin Lindelauf was unsatisfied. Bs As Theo sees embellishment. Rolf Potts relays thoughts about Chatwin’s fabrications. Terry considered links between Chatwin and W.G. Sebald. As Daniel Buck describes, Adrian Giminez Hutton retraced Chatwin’s path. And Nick Clapson considers Chatwin’s enduring appeal.

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