Route 66
Photo by Swiv used under a Creative Commons license.

Dan Morgan, Rising in the West (Knopf, 1992).
Subtitled “The True History of an ‘Okie’ Family from the Great Depression Through the Reagan Years,” this is a history of the family of Oca Tatham and his family, who fled Oklahoma in August, 1934, in search of a better future in California.   The Tathams are Pentecostal Christians, a faith that ties together the Oklahoma of the 193os and the California of the Reagan Revolution.

Morgan was a reporter for the Washington Post for four decades or so. Here’s a page at that will link to recent work there by Morgan; it also has a brief bio. Here’s another short bio. R. Stephen Warner (Christian Century) says it’s rich in social and religious history. This piece by William M. Hagen for the Oklahoma Historical Society recommends the book. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz doesn’t like Morgan’s style, but appreciates his departure from some of the myths about Okies. Tom Snyder recommends it to travelers on Route 66. The book introduced Jane M. Smith to homeschooling.

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