Vermont state fair, 1941
Photo of a barker at the 1941 Vermont State Fair by Jack Delano used under a Creative Commons license.

Frank Howard Mosher, The Fall of the Year (Houghton Mifflin, 1999).
At the heart of this novel are Father George Lecoeur, a baseball-playing outdoorsman of a Catholic priest, and his adopted son, Frank Bennett, a 21-year-old come home to Kingdom County, Vermont, for the summer before he starts at seminary.  Kingdom County is a fictional place tucked under the border with Quebec in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, a boundary that feels here like a frontier.  Lecoeur and Bennett are surrounded by wonderful characters such Foster Boy Dufresne, the town fool, and Molly Murphy, who dreams of running away with the circus.  Mosher makes his story seem deceptively simple, writing with a wry grace.

Google BookSearch has a preview. Wikipedia’s page about Mosher is brief. Here is what Mosher was reading a few summers ago. This book doesn’t have the reviews it deserves!

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