Les Deux Magots
Photo of Les Deux Magots by artandscience used under a Creative Commons license.

Janet Flanner, Paris Was Yesterday: 1925-1939 (Harvest Books, 1988).
Starting in 1925, Janet Flanner wrote dispatches from Paris under the pen name Genêt as the correspondent for The New Yorker, with the assignment to write about what the French found au courant. This volume collects columns from before the Second World War. Read here about Isadora Duncan, the deaths of Mme. Curie and Clemenceau, Josephine Baker, Manet and Monet, the Munich accord, and the flight of Spaniards to France from Franco’s Spain. Other volumes cover 1944-1955, 1956-1964 and 1965-1970.

Stephen remembers Flanner. Here is Google BookSearch on a biography of GenêtNYRB subscribers can read this 1980 review by Virgil Thomson. The Village Voice Bookshop in Paris recommends it. Viviane quotes Flanner on Josephine Baker.

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