Iowa Barn
Photo by Astrotech5000 used under a Creative Commons license.

Wallace Stegner, Remembering Laughter (Penguin, 1996).
Stegner’s first novel – or novella, really – is the story of a love triangle: Margaret Stuart, the wife of a successful Iowa farmer, Elspeth, her sister, younger by seven years, who comes from Scotland to live with her, and Alec, her husband, who is fond of the bottle. Stegner wrote this in 1936 and submitted to a prize contest held by Little, Brown, which he won; they published it the next year. Stegner was born in Iowa but his family decamped to Sasketchawan when he was still a child, so one can argue whether he can be deemed an Iowa writer.

Here is Stegner’s obituary in The New York Times. Time took notice when the novella was published. Here is blogarific stuff from Themis-Athena, Elaine, and Polaris.

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