Pink (#139)
Photo by Christopher Chan used under a Creative Commons license.

Bruce Rutledge, ed., Kūhaku & Other Accounts from Japan (Chin Music Press, 2004).
An idiosyncratic genre-defying shot at capturing something of modern Japan, this is a collection includes pieces by Westerners living there and Japanese authors in translation, mostly essays but also two short stories. Most are the kind of thing you would hear from the friend of a friend, at a party or over coffee. The illustrations are wonderful, too, and the design surpasses most books you’ll ever see.

The publisher’s site is more interesting than most. Craig Mod did the design, and offers some samples. Colleen Mondor has a lengthy and appreciative post about the book. Here is Patrick McCoy. And here are Steven David Smith, Mark Hegge, t.s., and Brian Lynn.

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