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Zee Edgell, Beka Lamb (Heinemann, 1986).
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Awarded the Fawcett Society Book Prize as the first novel by a Belizean writer to reach an international audience, Beka Lamb details a few months in the life of 12-year-old Beka, a thoughtful yet mischievous girl coming of age in colonial, multiethnic Belize. The melodious creole voices of many of the book’s characters charge to the surface in this atmospheric and very accessible novel about everyday life among the cays of Belize.

Here are a bio on Edgell’s website and Wikipedia’s page about her. Google Book Search has an excerpt and other resources. Bernardine Evaristo interviewed Edgell in 2003 for BOMB magazine. A year later, interviewed her. Katie Horan wrote this review. Liam didn’t particularly care for it (scroll down). Here is a recommendation and other recommended Belize reading, and here is another such list.
Nicholas has the novel’s opening line here, and nine other first lines from Caribbean novels. Cristen L. Garner writes about Edgell and other Caribbean women writers.

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