Ingraham & Georgia Ave NW
Photo of Ingraham & Georgia Ave. by AlbinoFlea used under a Creative Commons license.

George Pelecanos, Drama City (Orion Press, 2005).
Lorenzo Brown is the main figure in this novel, out of prison after eight years in on drug charges, and trying to stay clean and out of trouble. As an officer for the Humane Society, Brown gets mistaken for law enforcement, and his efforts to protect the mistreated dogs and cats of the District of Columbia underscore the daily grind of many in the capital city. As one might expect, trouble finds Brown. This novel takes place south and east of Rock Creek, in poorer quarters that don’t make the national news. Pelecanos, who wrote for The Wire, knows this part of town and has an ear for the way people talk, though some of his characters sing flat. This was his thirteenth novel; several of his others are set in D.C. as well.

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