Photo of S.A. by Georgie Sharp used under a Creative Commons license.

Tony Horwitz, One for the Road (Vintage, 1999).
Having married an Australian woman and moved to Sydney, Horwitz wanted to see his adopted land. So he hitchhiked 7,000 miles around Australia, from Sydney to Darwin by way of Ayers Rock and Perth, to mention only a few of his best-known stops. As one might imagine, there’s much more of the road and the bush here than there is of the cities where most Australians live. He didn’t visit Victoria or Tasmania, but he did see a lot of the outback. (No categories for the places he passed through, since he moved so fast.)

The book doesn’t have much of a presence on the interwebs, but this article by Martin Kich discusses it at some length, after a lengthy discussion of the travel genre. Also, Hank Shiffman recommends it.

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