Islay border collie at work
Photo by Calypso Orchid used under a Creative Commons license.

Donald McCaig, Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men: Searching through Scotland for a Border Collie (HarperPerennial, 1992).
McCaig runs sheep in Virginia, and competes in sheepdog trials on the side. In 1988, when McCaig’s sheepdog, Pip, starts to grow old, he travels to Scotland to visit with breeders, attend trials, and find a bitch. Before he’s through he finds Gael, but the book focuses more on his travels in Scotland than on how Pip and Gael get along back in Virginia. Border collies are smart and good at the job of moving sheep, and if watching them do their thing is your sort of thing, then you’ll enjoy this book. If you’re a cat person instead, maybe not so much.

Google Book Search has an excerpt and other material. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt reviews it in The New York Times. Jon Woolf reviews it in a more dog-oriented venue. And Christopher finds some advice from McCaig on training stockdogs.

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