Richey, Montana
Photo of Richey, Montana, by goatopolis used under a Creative Commons license.

Larry Watson, Montana 1948 (Washington Square Press, 1995).
A coming-of-age novel about a scandal and a small-town Montana family. The novel is set in 1948 in fictional Bentrock, in the eastern part of the state, not far from the North Dakota border. David Hayden is twelve. His father is the sheriff, and his older brother, Frank, is a war hero and the town doctor. A short novel, but with no wasted effort — there is more here than in many novels twice the size.

Watson’s site has a bio. And here is his bio at Marquette, where he teaches. Watson was interviewed by Cheryl Poch for Livingston Reads! An audio file also is available on that site. Liane Ellison Norman reviews it and Watson’s novel Justice for Sojourners.
Other reviews from Notes in the Margin, Samuel, David G. Markham, and Big Sky. John Clayton rewrote the novel with a happier ending.

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