Sheep near Goodooga
Photo of sheep near Goodooga by D. used under a Creative Commons license.

Jill Ker Conway, The Road from Coorain (Vintage, 1990).
Conway grew up on 30,000 acres of ranch land isolated on the plains of New South Wales, Australia, where her father struggled to raise sheep. Conway describes this world vividly. After eight years of drought, he committed suicide, and three years later her older brother died in an automobile accident. In 1948, Conway and her mother moved to Sydney, starting on the path that eventually would lead Conway to attend the University of Sydney. She would earn a Ph.D. in history at Harvard and later become the president of Smith College. The Road from Coorain is a memoir that leaves off when she departs for the United States to go to Harvard, a story continued in True North.

Some excerpts are here. The publisher has posted this, from the first chapter, but it doesn’t seem typical of the book to me. Here is a bio of Conway. Verlyn Klinkenborg reviewed the book in The New York Times. Here are blog posts from Belle and Husky.

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