Photo by Madasor used under a Creative Commons license.

Roberto Bolaño, By Night in Chile (New Directions, 2003).
On his deathbed, in the course of a single night, Sebastián Urrutia Lacroix, an Opus Dei priest, reconsiders his life, as if to justify to himself his collaboration with the Pinochet regime and his own literary career. Bolaño, a supporter of the Allende government, was imprisoned after Pinochet seized power and then went into exile. Beautiful writing; an excellent book.

Reviews: Richard Eber (The New York Times), Ben Richards (The Guardian (UK)), Waggish. Marcello Balvé writes about Bolaño in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Scott Esposito writes about By Night in Chile and his other works in The Quarterly Conversation. Bloggers viswanathan and alok post about it. MDD offers a long quotation, as do Cooper and Mrs. Biggs’ Reading Club.

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